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Metamask Fiat On-ramp

The MetaMask Fiat On-Ramp allows users to acquire ETH directly from their MetaMask self-custodial wallet. The feature is available on the MetaMask mobile app and desktop extension.

As a fiat on-ramp provider, you can integrate your service into the MetaMask Fiat On-Ramp.

Why use the On-Ramp?

The MetaMask Fiat On-Ramp is:

  • Accessible - Users can acquire cryptocurrency whenever they want and wherever they are.
  • Convenient - It provides a simple process to bridge fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies.
  • Low cost - It’s inexpensive and capital-efficient, regardless of how much is transacted.

How does the On-Ramp work?

MetaMask partners with fiat on-ramp providers who handle KYC, payment processing, and cryptocurrency delivery. Users mostly interact directly with the on-ramp providers through a WebView (on mobile) or URL redirect (on desktop).

All personally identifiable information and payment details are stored and processed by the providers—MetaMask does not record this sensitive data.